CARU connects you with the people you trust. It’s so simple. In everyday situations and in emergencies. The CARU Smart Sensor is currently available to corporate clients. It will soon be available to private clients too.

With CARU, you can involve your relatives in your daily life, you feel safe and secure in your familiar environment, while leading an independent life.

CARU makes life easier

Safety and security

CARU gives you the peace of mind that allows you to go about your business without intrusion. CARU learns your day-to-day rhythms and routines and is a back-up in case of emergencies.


CARU gives you the gift of independence in your daily life. You decide how long you want to stay in your own home and from now on, you can focus on the things that give you pleasure.

Social integration

With CARU, you can integrate your social circle into your everyday life. It allows you to stay in contact with the outside world, even if you are no longer as mobile as you used to be. CARU connects you with the people who are most important to you.


CARU will give you a new lease of life. With its modern design, tried-and-tested functions, and unique user-friendliness, CARU is a great support for people of all generations.

CARU also supports relatives


«I am so glad that my father has CARU as a watchful companion in his home. He loves the modern design, and my children think CARU is fantastic.»



«CARU made it possible for me to enjoy some free time while nursing my mother intensively, because CARU is always there, just in case anything happens. This is a huge weight off my mind.»



«With CARU, my aunt no longer feels so alone. I send her a message several times a week and she listens to it last thing at night before she goes to sleep.»