We have great admiration for all carers and nurses. This is why we developed the CARU Smart Sensor.


The CARU Smart Sensor is already available to corporate clients for purchase.

CARU makes daily life easier in care and nursing homes. The clear evaluations in the Web App show at a glance which resident needs particular attention at any given time. If an alarm is triggered, a direct phone call is made every time. This allows staff to quickly establish how urgent the situation is and how much care or nursing is needed. What’s more, CARU notifications (e.g. when the next choir practice is taking place) or reminders (e.g. when the next doctor’s appointment is) can be sent by voice message. The options are endless.

CARU helps make you more efficient

Better quality

CARU allows you to see at a glance who needs nursing support at any given time. This allows you to plan at an early stage any longer-term adjustments in care/nursing that are needed. With CARU, you can reach all clients, giving them exactly the information they need.

Employee satisfaction

CARU helps you to plan efficiently the order of your visits to residents requiring care support. You can prioritise nursing calls, meaning you are always in the right place at the right time. This has a direct impact on employee satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

With CARU, you bring ease and security into your day, because CARU ensures optimum communication between your clients, the organisation you work for, and your clients‘ relatives. And it’s all so simple. Your clients will thank you for it.


CARU can be integrated into different living environments where it supports a variety of groups of people such as nursing staff, hotel staff, and residents. CARU can also be used temporarily.

Added value in care and nursing


«CARU offers our residents a new feeling of security. And that means that we are all pleasantly relaxed throughout the day.»

Senior member of nursing staff


«It is now much easier for us to reach our clients. This makes it easier for us to respond to their individual needs.»

Manager in the nursing sector


«If you were to take CARU away, it would be absolutely dreadful.»