CARU is grandma’s and grandpa’s digital flatmate. In short, CARU brings the family closer together and makes access to care and nursing services easier than ever before. In everyday life and in an emergency.

Independently through everyday life

We have developed CARU with and for older people, their families and carers. Because we think that everyday communication should be simple, fun and uncompromising in an emergency. And that’s exactly what CARU does. CARU is installed where grandma and grandpa spend the most time at home. And if they don’t have WiFi, they can use CARU conveniently via the integrated SIM card. CARU is the solution for an independent life into old age.

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How CARU works

With the simple voice command „Help“ , CARU connects grandma and grandpa to their loved ones or a trusted person via loudspeakers. Whether for a small favor in everyday life or help in an emergency – hearing a familiar voice provides security and a feeling of closeness.

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Voices from our customers


«I move around much more freely in everyday life since I have CARU.»
Anna K., 86 years old


«Thanks to CARU, I enjoy more free time again, despite intensive care of my mother.»
Maria H., relative


«We can now reach our residents much better. With CARU, the service staff can also take over everyday tasks. This relieves our caretakers.»
Gina G., nursing director

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