Self-determined at home – even at a high age.

CARU offers exactly this.

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An emergency button or watch is not everyone’s taste.

But CARU is.

Success Stories

Therese 72 Jahre CARU Notruf Nutzerin

Therese – 72 years old

“As a former mountain innkeeper I am always busy. I already fell several times at home and didn’t have my mobile phone within reach. With CARU my mind is at ease and I don’t have to worry anymore.”

Heinz 92 Jahre CARU Notruf Nutzer

Heinz – 92 years old

“I was an electrical engineer for 40 years. Still, today’s technology is somehow foreign to me. With CARU a simple „Help – Help!“ is all it takes to be connected to one of my sons. It couldn’t be easier.”

Dora 85 Jahre CARU Notruf Nutzerin

Dora – 85 years old

“I can’t see too well anymore. I do not write WhatsApp messages or SMS. Thanks to the voice messages through CARU I hear from my grandchildren and great-grandchildren more often. This brings life into the house.”

Your benefits with CARU 

– Swiss quality from A-Z
– Emergency Call from CHF 29.00 a month
– Easy to use
– Voice command & emergency button
– Ready in 5mins
– Chat with your family

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