With CARU we are rethinking the emergency button.

Calling for help now works without a button. With a simple voice command, CARU brings the family closer together. In emergencies and in everyday life.

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Heinz, 92 years

I was an electrical engineer for 40 years. Still, today’s technology is somehow foreign to me. With CARU a simple „Help – Help!“ is all it takes to be connected to one of my sons. It couldn’t be easier.

Therese, 72 years

As a former mountain innkeeper I am always busy. I often stumble at home and do not have my mobile phone within reach. With CARU I don’t have to worry anymore.

Dora, 85 years

I can’t see too well anymore. I do not write WhatsApp or SMS. Thanks to the voice messages through CARU I hear from my grandchildren and great-grandchildren more often. This brings life into the house.

Emergency call

With the simple voice command „Help – Help!“ , CARU connects grandma and grandpa via loudspeaker to their loved ones or a trusted person. In use since the end of 2018 in care homes across Switzerland and Germany.

Family Chat

Share everyday things with each other through voice messages: grandma and grandpa via CARU, the family via smartphone. The family chat is available as a first version exclusively for private customers for the time being.

Ready in 5 minutes

Grandma and grandpa place CARU somewhere central in the apartment and connect it to the electricity grid. CARU then automatically connects via the built-in SIM card. Internet connection is not necessary. The family can do the rest conveniently online via app without having to visit grandma and grandpa. And off you go.

Is CARU also something for your family?

If you have any questions, please call +41 44 512 13 77. You can buy CARU directly in our online shop.

What we are working on: Intelligent emergency call

Sometimes we are no longer able to get help ourselves. This is why we are working on CARU using various room parameters – such as the air quality – to recognize larger deviations in the usual daily routine and get help.

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