The digital flatmate for older adults.


CARU connects generations through a beautiful voice-triggered device and an App. This makes daily communication with family and friends easy and fun and the access to care services as effortless as never before.


CARU is already available to corporate clients and will soon be available to private clients too.

We bring people together – in their day-to-day lives and in emergency situations.

CARU interacts with the people who use it, drawing attention to irregularities and passing on relevant information to persons of trust. CARU is a communication system for emergency calls, telephone calls, and voice messages. In this way, CARU increases safety and security and enhances well-being and quality of life.

Smart Sensor

The CARU Smart Sensor is set up in the living environment. It registers various parameters in that environment, learns the resident’s typical behaviour, and notes any deviations.

Web App

The CARU Web App allows individual configurations and serves as a platform for communication between residents, relatives and carers.

Safe. Easy. Versatile.

Direct communication

Talking is the most natural way to communicate. This is why CARU is capable of understanding simple voice commands and can dial the number of a person of trust.

Indirect communication

CARU receives voice messages and audio files that can be called up at any time at the touch of a button or by voice command.

Emergency call

CARU notices when you need help and quickly and reliably calls either a member of nursing staff or makes an emergency call.

Indoor climate

CARU tells you about air quality in your living space, allowing you to take appropriate steps to make things more comfortable.

CARU is plug & play


To install the CARU smart sensor, all you need is an electric socket.


The connection is established via WiFi and an integrated SIM card.


An emergency battery ensures uninterrupted operation.

Up to date

New functions are constantly being developed and added through updates.